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Arena box cover Arena
Arcade 1985 Bug Byte
C.O.R.E. box cover C.O.R.E.
Arcade 1983 Bug Byte
Captain Kidd box cover Captain Kidd
Puzzle 1985 Bug Byte
Chubby Gristle box cover Chubby Gristle
Arcade 1988 Bug Byte
Dogsbody box cover Dogsbody
Puzzle 1985 Bug Byte
Jungle Jane box cover Jungle Jane
A.K.A. Croc' Madam'
Arcade 1986 Bug Byte
Miami Dice box cover Miami Dice
Puzzle 1986 Bug Byte
Mission Omega box cover Mission Omega
Strategy 1989 Bug Byte
Number 1 box cover Number 1
A.K.A. Number One
Arcade 1986 Bug Byte
Pyra Mydya box cover Pyra Mydya
A.K.A. Pyromydya
Arcade 1986 Bug Byte
Souls Of Darkon box cover Souls Of Darkon
Adventure 1985 Bug Byte
Terramex box cover Terramex
A.K.A. Cosmic Relief : Prof. Renegade To The Rescue
Arcade 1989 Bug Byte
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