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1815 box cover
Strategy 1985 Cobra Soft
Absurdity box cover Absurdity
Action 1985 Cobra Soft
Action Service box cover Action Service
Management 1988 Cobra Soft
Atlantis (Cobra) box cover
Atlantis (Cobra)
Adventure 1985 Cobra Soft
Cessna Over Moscow box cover Cessna Over Moscow
Arcade 1987 Cobra Soft
Cobra Pinball box cover Cobra Pinball
A.K.A. Cobra Pimball
Education 1985 Cobra Soft
Golf Trophee box cover Golf Trophee
A.K.A. Open De Golf
Sport 1987 Cobra Soft
Histoire D'Or box cover
Histoire D'Or
Adventure 1983 Cobra Soft
Le Chevalier Blanc box cover
Le Chevalier Blanc
Action 1987 Cobra Soft
Les Ripoux box cover
Les Ripoux
Adventure 1983 Cobra Soft
Meurtre A Grande Vitesse box cover Meurtre A Grande Vitesse
Adventure 1985 Cobra Soft
Meurtres A Venise box cover Meurtres A Venise
A.K.A. Murders in Venice
Adventure 1988 Cobra Soft
Meurtres en Serie box cover Meurtres en Serie
Adventure 1987 Cobra Soft
Meurtres Sur L'Atlantique box cover Meurtres Sur L'Atlantique
A.K.A. Murder on the Atlantic
Adventure 1985 Cobra Soft
Night Booster box cover Night Booster
Arcade 1985 Cobra Soft
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