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Budokan - The Martial Spirit box cover Budokan - The Martial Spirit
Fight 1990 Electronic Arts
Clever & Smart 2 box cover Clever & Smart 2
A.K.A. Mortadelo y Filemon II
Arcade 1989 DRO Soft
Eagle box cover Eagle
Shoot 'em up 1987 DRO Soft
El Cid box cover El Cid
Arcade 1987 DRO Soft
Hero Quest Return Of The Witch Lord box cover Hero Quest Return Of The Witch Lord
RPG 1991 Gremlin Graphics
Magic Johnson's Basketball box cover Magic Johnson's Basketball
Sport 1989 DRO Soft
Stop-Ball box cover Stop-Ball
Arcade 1988 Juliet Software
The Breaker box cover The Breaker
A.K.A. Brick Breaker
Breakout 1987 DRO Soft
The Ninja Warriors box cover The Ninja Warriors
Fight 1989 Virgin Games
Zipi Y Zape box cover Zipi Y Zape
Adventure 1989 DRO Soft
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