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Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge box cover Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge
Sport 1985 Martech
Cosmic Shock Absorber box cover Cosmic Shock Absorber
Action 1987 Martech
Geoff Capes Strong Man box cover Geoff Capes Strong Man
Sport 1985 Martech
International 7 Card Stud box cover International 7 Card Stud
A.K.A. 7 Card Stud
Trivia 1986 Martech
Mega Apocalypse box cover Mega Apocalypse
Shoot 'em up 1988 Martech
Nemesis the Warlock box cover Nemesis the Warlock
Arcade 1987 Martech
Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix box cover Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix
Racing 1988 Martech
Rex box cover Rex
Action 1989 Martech
Samantha Fox Strip Poker box cover Samantha Fox Strip Poker
Strategy 1986 Martech
Slaine box cover Slaine
A.K.A. Slaine From 2000 AD
Adventure 1988 Martech
Tarzan box cover Tarzan
Arcade 1986 Martech
The Armageddon Man box cover The Armageddon Man
Strategy 1987 Martech
The Fury box cover The Fury
Racing 1988 Martech
Uchi Mata box cover Uchi Mata
A.K.A. Uchi-Mata, Judo Uchi Mata
Fight 1986 Martech
Vixen box cover Vixen
A.K.A. She Fox
Arcade 1988 Martech
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