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1942 box cover 1942
Shoot 'em up 1986 Elite Systems
1943 box cover 1943
Shoot 'em up 1988 U.S. Gold
3D Quasars box cover 3D Quasars
Shoot 'em up 1985 Solar Software
3D Starfighter box cover 3D Starfighter
Shoot 'em up 1987 Codemasters
3D Starstrike box cover 3D Starstrike
Shoot 'em up 1985 Realtime Games
Action Force box cover Action Force
Shoot 'em up 1988 Virgin Games
After Burner box cover After Burner
Shoot 'em up 1988 Sega
Afteroids box cover Afteroids
Shoot 'em up 1988 Zigurat Software
Ahhh!!! Laser Malfunction box cover Ahhh!!! Laser Malfunction
Shoot 'em up 1984 CRL Group
Alien Break-In box cover Alien Break-In
A.K.A. Les Envahisseurs De L'Au Dela
Shoot 'em up 1985 Amsoft
Arcade Flight Simulator box cover Arcade Flight Simulator
Shoot 'em up 1989 Codemasters
Assault On Port Stanley box cover Assault On Port Stanley
A.K.A. Asalto
Shoot 'em up 1985 Amsoft
Axys - The Last Battle box cover Axys - The Last Battle
Shoot 'em up 1991 CPC Infos
Bachou box cover Bachou
Shoot 'em up 1986 Central Solutions
Battle Beyond the Stars box cover Battle Beyond the Stars
Shoot 'em up 1985 Solar Software
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