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F16 Combat Pilot box cover F16 Combat Pilot
Simulation 1989 Digital Integration
Fighter Bomber box cover Fighter Bomber
Simulation 1990 Activision
Fighter Pilot box cover Fighter Pilot
Simulation 1985 Digital Integration
Flight Path 737 box cover Flight Path 737
Simulation 1984 Anirog
Flight Simulation box cover Flight Simulation
A.K.A. Flight Simulator
Simulation 1984 Myrddin Software
Flying Shark box cover Flying Shark
Simulation 1988 Firebird Software
Formula 1 Simulator box cover Formula 1 Simulator
Simulation 1985 Mastertronic
Fruit Machine box cover Fruit Machine
Simulation 1984 Amsoft
Gee Bee Air Rally box cover Gee Bee Air Rally
Simulation 1987 Activision
Gunship box cover Gunship
Simulation 1986 Microprose
Harrier Attack box cover Harrier Attack
Simulation 1984 Amsoft
Head Or Tails!!! box cover Head Or Tails!!!
Simulation 2020 CPC pour toujours and beyond
Heavy Metal box cover Heavy Metal
Simulation 1990 U.S. Gold
Hunter Killer box cover Hunter Killer
A.K.A. 50000 Lieues sous les mers ou le Chasseur Tueur
Simulation 1984 Amsoft
Infiltrator box cover Infiltrator
Simulation 1986 U.S. Gold
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