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A Question of Scruples box cover A Question of Scruples
Trivia 1987 Leisure Genius
A Question of Sport box cover A Question of Sport
Trivia 1988 Elite Systems
Arcade Trivia Quiz Simulator box cover Arcade Trivia Quiz Simulator
Trivia 1989 Zeppelin Games
Blockbusters box cover Blockbusters
Trivia 1988 Domark
Bob's Full House box cover Bob's Full House
Trivia 1988 TV Games
Cine Clap box cover Cine Clap
Trivia 1986 UBI Soft
Crucial Test box cover Crucial Test
Trivia 1988 Coktel Vision
Double Dare box cover Double Dare
Trivia 1991 Alternative Software
Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz box cover Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz
Trivia 1990 Audiogenic Software
Every Second Counts box cover Every Second Counts
Trivia 1988 TV Games
Gedaechtnis box cover Gedaechtnis
Trivia 1989 Sand-Rabbit-Software
International 7 Card Stud box cover International 7 Card Stud
A.K.A. 7 Card Stud
Trivia 1986 Martech
Mike Read's Computer Pop Quiz box cover Mike Read's Computer Pop Quiz
Trivia 1988 Elite Systems
Monopolic box cover Monopolic
Trivia 1985 Free Game Blot
Powerplay: The Game of the Gods box cover Powerplay: The Game of the Gods
Trivia 1986 Arcana Software
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