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Gauntlet box cover Gauntlet
Action 1985 Micro Power
Gauntlet - The Deeper Dungeons box cover Gauntlet - The Deeper Dungeons
Action 1987 U.S. Gold
Hard Drivin' box cover Hard Drivin'
Racing 1989 Domark
Hero Quest Return Of The Witch Lord box cover Hero Quest Return Of The Witch Lord
RPG 1991 Gremlin Graphics
Heroes Of The Lance box cover Heroes Of The Lance
RPG 1988 U.S. Gold
Hostile All Terrain Encounter box cover Hostile All Terrain Encounter
A.K.A. HATE - Hostile All Terrain Encounter
Shoot 'em up 1989 Gremlin Graphics
Impossamole box cover Impossamole
Arcade 1990 Gremlin Graphics
Jack the Nipper box cover Jack the Nipper
Arcade 1986 Gremlin Graphics
Jack the Nipper II box cover Jack the Nipper II
A.K.A. Jack The Nipper II In Coconut Capers
Arcade 1987 Gremlin Graphics
Klax box cover Klax
Puzzle 1990 Atari Games
Krakout box cover Krakout
Breakout 1987 Gremlin Graphics
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge box cover Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge
Racing 1990 Gremlin Graphics
Manchester United box cover Manchester United
A.K.A. Manchester United Football Club
Sport 1990 Krisalis
Mask box cover Mask
Action 1987 Gremlin Graphics
Mask II box cover Mask II
Action 1988 Gremlin Graphics
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