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Campeones box cover Campeones
A.K.A. Campeones Del Mundo De Rallyes
Racing 1985 Indescomp
Goody box cover Goody
Adventure 1987 Opera Soft
Livingstone Supongo box cover Livingstone Supongo
Arcade 1986 Opera Soft
Livingstone Supongo II box cover Livingstone Supongo II
Arcade 1989 Opera Soft
Mot box cover Mot
Arcade 1989 Opera Soft
Mutan Zone box cover Mutan Zone
Action 1988 Opera Soft
Poogaboo box cover Poogaboo
A.K.A. La Pulga 2
Arcade 1991 Opera Soft
Robin box cover Robin
Arcade 1985 Amsoft
Sol Negro box cover Sol Negro
A.K.A. Soleil Noir
Action 1988 Opera Soft
Solo box cover Solo
Shoot 'em up 1989 Opera Soft
Super Tripper box cover Super Tripper
A.K.A. Supertripper
Arcade 1985 Indescomp
The Last Mission box cover The Last Mission
Action 1987 Opera Soft
The Polluting Bacteria box cover The Polluting Bacteria
A.K.A. Fumigator
Arcade 1985 Indescomp
Trigger box cover Trigger
Shoot 'em up 1989 Opera Soft
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