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1001 BC A Mediterranean Odyssey box cover 1001 BC A Mediterranean Odyssey
Adventure 1986 ERE Informatique
Amelie Minuit box cover Amelie Minuit
Adventure 1985 ERE Informatique
Bubble Ghost box cover
Bubble Ghost
Arcade 1988 Infogrames
Clash box cover
Adventure 1987 ERE Informatique
Contamination box cover Contamination
Strategy 1985 ERE Informatique
Crash Garrett box cover Crash Garrett
Adventure 1987 ERE Informatique
Despotik Design box cover Despotik Design
Arcade 1987 ERE Informatique
Eden Blues box cover
Eden Blues
A.K.A. Doomsday Blues
Adventure 1985 ERE Informatique
Get Dexter box cover
Get Dexter
A.K.A. Crafton & Xunk
Adventure 1986 ERE Informatique
Get Dexter 2 box cover
Get Dexter 2
A.K.A. L'Ange De Cristal, Crafton Et Xunk 2, El Angel De Cristal
Adventure 1988 Infogrames
Harry & Harry - La Boite De Rajmahal box cover
Harry & Harry - La Boite De Rajmahal
Adventure 1986 ERE Informatique
Harry & Harry - Mission Torpedo box cover
Harry & Harry - Mission Torpedo
Adventure 1987 ERE Informatique
Hold-Up box cover
Arcade 1984 ERE Informatique
Le Passager Du Temps box cover
Le Passager Du Temps
Adventure 1987 ERE Informatique
Macadam Bumper box cover Macadam Bumper
A.K.A. Flipper
Arcade 1985 ERE Informatique
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