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Avenger box cover Avenger
Adventure 1986 Gremlin Graphics
Bounder box cover
Action 1986 Gremlin Graphics
Death Wish 3 box cover
Death Wish 3
A.K.A. Un Justicier Dans La Ville 3
Action 1987 Gremlin Graphics
Future Knight box cover Future Knight
Arcade 1986 Gremlin Graphics
Jack the Nipper box cover
Jack the Nipper
Arcade 1986 Gremlin Graphics
Krakout box cover
Breakout 1987 Gremlin Graphics
Masters of the Universe: The Movie box cover
Masters of the Universe: The Movie
A.K.A. Les Maitres De L'Univers
Action 1987 Gremlin Graphics
Pac-Mania box cover
Arcade 1988 Namco
Super Sleuth box cover
Super Sleuth
A.K.A. Grumpy Gumphrey Supersleuth
Arcade 1983 Gremlin Graphics
Terramex box cover
A.K.A. Cosmic Relief : Prof. Renegade To The Rescue
Arcade 1989 Bug Byte
The Flintstones box cover The Flintstones
A.K.A. Los Picapiedra
Arcade 1988 Grandslam Entertainment
Thunderbirds box cover
Arcade 1983 Grandslam Entertainment
Trailblazer box cover
Puzzle 1986 Gremlin Graphics
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