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Chopper Squad box cover
Chopper Squad
A.K.A. Helicoptero 2000
Action 1985 Interceptor Software
Dr Jackle & Mr Wide box cover Dr Jackle & Mr Wide
A.K.A. Dr Jackle And Mr Wide
Arcade 1987 Mastertronic
Five-a-Side Soccer box cover
Five-a-Side Soccer
Sport 1986 Mastertronic
Into Oblivion box cover Into Oblivion
Shoot 'em up 1986 Mastertronic
Nonterraqueous box cover
Arcade 1985 Mastertronic
Terra Cognita box cover Terra Cognita
Simulation 1986 Codemasters
The Trans-Atlantic Balloon Challenge box cover The Trans-Atlantic Balloon Challenge
Arcade 1987 Virgin Games