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Emilio Sanchez Vicario box cover Emilio Sanchez Vicario
Sport 1989 Zigurat Software
Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz box cover Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz
Trivia 1990 Audiogenic Software
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer box cover Emlyn Hughes International Soccer
Sport 1989 Audiogenic Software
Empire! box cover Empire!
Shoot 'em up 1986 Firebird Software
Empty Tummy box cover Empty Tummy
Arcade 1987 First Byte
Enchanted box cover Enchanted
Arcade 1989 Positive Software
Enchanter box cover Enchanter
Adventure 1986 Infocom
Endurance box cover Endurance
A.K.A. TT Racing Simulator
Racing 1986 CRL Group
Enduro Racer box cover Enduro Racer
Racing 1987 Activision
Endzone box cover Endzone
Management 1988 Alternative Software
Energy Warrior box cover Energy Warrior
Shoot 'em up 1987 Mastertronic
Enlightenment: Druid II box cover Enlightenment: Druid II
Arcade 1988 Firebird Software
Enterprise box cover Enterprise
Action 1983 Mastertronic
Equinox box cover Equinox
Arcade 1986 Mikro-Gen
Er*Bert box cover Er*Bert
Arcade 1984 Microbyte
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