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Rollaball box cover Rollaball
A.K.A. Cyclons
Puzzle 1984 Strategy Software
Rollaround box cover Rollaround
Arcade 1988 Mastertronic
Rolling Thunder box cover Rolling Thunder
Action 1988 U.S. Gold
Rookie box cover Rookie
Action 1989 Mastertronic
Room Ten box cover Room Ten
Breakout 1986 CRL Group
Roy Of The Rovers box cover Roy Of The Rovers
Sport 1988 Gremlin Graphics
Ruff And Reddy In the Space Adventure box cover Ruff And Reddy In the Space Adventure
A.K.A. Ruff And Reddy
Arcade 1990 Hi-Tec Software
Rugby Boss box cover Rugby Boss
Sport 1989 Alternative Software
Rugby Coach box cover Rugby Coach
Sport 1990 Cult Software
Rugby Manager box cover Rugby Manager
A.K.A. Rugby League Manager
Sport 1989 Mastertronic
Run for Gold box cover Run for Gold
Sport 1986 Hill MacGibbon
Run the Gauntlet box cover Run the Gauntlet
A.K.A. Infernal Challenge
Racing 1989 Ocean Software
Rygar box cover Rygar
A.K.A. Rygar - Let's Fight !!!
Arcade 1987 U.S. Gold
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