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Wonder Boy box cover
Wonder Boy
Arcade 1987 Activision
Wooky and Moty box cover Wooky and Moty
Puzzle 1987 CRL Group
Wordhang box cover Wordhang
A.K.A. Le Pendu
Trivia 1984 Amsoft
World Championship Boxing Manager box cover
World Championship Boxing Manager
A.K.A. Campeonato Del Mundo Boxing Manager
Sport 1990 Goliath Software
World Championship Soccer box cover
World Championship Soccer
Sport 1991 Elite Systems
World Class Leaderboard box cover
World Class Leaderboard
Sport 1987 U.S. Gold
World Class Rugby box cover
World Class Rugby
Sport 1991 Audiogenic Software
World Cup box cover World Cup
Sport 1985 Artic Computing
World Cup Carnival box cover
World Cup Carnival
A.K.A. World Cup Carnival - Mexico 86
Sport 1986 U.S. Gold
World Cup Challenge box cover World Cup Challenge
Sport 1990 Players Software
World Cup Soccer: Italia '90 box cover
World Cup Soccer: Italia '90
A.K.A. World Cup Soccer Italia '90, World Cup Soccer 90, Mundial De Futbol Italia '90, Fifa World Cup 2006
Sport 1990 Virgin Games
World Games box cover World Games
Sport 1986 U.S. Gold
World Of Sports box cover
World Of Sports
A.K.A. Epyx World Of Sports
Sport 1983 U.S. Gold
World Series Baseball box cover World Series Baseball
Sport 1985 Imagine Software
World Soccer box cover World Soccer
Sport 1990 Zeppelin Games
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