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Dances With Bunny Rabbits box cover Dances With Bunny Rabbits
Adventure 1992 WoW Software
Danger Adventurer At Work Two box cover Danger Adventurer At Work Two
Adventure 1992 WoW Software
DJ Puff box cover DJ Puff
Arcade 1992 Codemasters
Fireman Sam box cover Fireman Sam
Arcade 1992 Alternative Software
Football Manager 3 box cover Football Manager 3
Sport 1992 Addictive Software
Frogger box cover Frogger
Arcade 1992 Deanysoft
Grell and Falla box cover Grell and Falla
Arcade 1992 Codemasters
Hammerhead box cover Hammerhead
A.K.A. Hammer-Head
Fight 1992 Zigurat Software
Hideous box cover Hideous
Arcade 1992 Alternative Software
International Tennis box cover International Tennis
Sport 1992 Zeppelin Games
Jim Power in Mutant Planet box cover Jim Power in Mutant Planet
Action 1992 Loriciels
Jimmy's Soccer Manager box cover Jimmy's Soccer Manager
Sport 1992 Beyond Belief Software
Lemmings box cover Lemmings
Strategy 1992 Psygnosis
Popeye 3 - Wrestle Crazy box cover Popeye 3 - Wrestle Crazy
Fight 1992 Alternative Software
Postman Pat 3 box cover Postman Pat 3
Arcade 1992 Alternative Software
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