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Potsworth & Co. box cover Potsworth & Co.
Arcade 1992 Hi-Tec Software
Psyborg box cover Psyborg
Shoot 'em up 1992 Loriciels
Reckless Rufus box cover Reckless Rufus
Puzzle 1992 Alternative Software
Sergeant Seymour Robotcop box cover Sergeant Seymour Robotcop
Action 1992 Codemasters
Seven Lost Gnomes box cover Seven Lost Gnomes
Adventure 1992 WoW Software
Silva - Le Temple Du Diable box cover Silva - Le Temple Du Diable
Adventure 1992 Lankhor
Soccer Pinball box cover Soccer Pinball
Arcade 1992 Codemasters
Space Crusade box cover Space Crusade
RPG 1992 Gremlin Graphics
Space Gun box cover Space Gun
Shoot 'em up 1992 Ocean Software
Steg box cover Steg
A.K.A. Steg The Slug
Puzzle 1992 Codemasters
Steve McQueen Westphaser box cover Steve McQueen Westphaser
Shoot 'em up 1992 Loriciels
Striker in the Crypts of Trogan box cover Striker in the Crypts of Trogan
Arcade 1992 Codemasters
Stuntman Seymour box cover Stuntman Seymour
Arcade 1992 Codemasters
Super Seymour Saves the Planet box cover Super Seymour Saves the Planet
Arcade 1992 Codemasters
Survivre box cover Survivre
Adventure 1992 Lankhor
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