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1001 BC A Mediterranean Odyssey box cover 1001 BC A Mediterranean Odyssey
Adventure 1986 ERE Informatique
10th Frame box cover 10th Frame
Sport 1986 U.S. Gold
180 box cover 180
Sport 1986 Mastertronic
1942 box cover 1942
Shoot 'em up 1986 Elite Systems
2112 AD box cover 2112 AD
Adventure 1986 Design Design
720° box cover 720°
Sport 1986 U.S. Gold
Abu Simbel Profanation box cover Abu Simbel Profanation
Arcade 1986 Dinamic
ACE - Air Combat Emulator box cover ACE - Air Combat Emulator
Simulation 1986 Cascade Games
Acrojet box cover Acrojet
Simulation 1986 U.S. Gold
Activator box cover Activator
Arcade 1986 Cascade Games
After Shock box cover After Shock
Adventure 1986 Interceptor Software
Agent Orange box cover Agent Orange
Action 1986 A&F Software
Alien Highway box cover Alien Highway
Action 1986 Vortex Software
Aliens box cover Aliens
Arcade 1986 Activision
Alive box cover Alive
Adventure 1986 Lankhor
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