This website has the intention of keeping alive the memories of the Amstrad CPC's fabulous computer system. Many current computer users and gamers have grown up in the 80's with this system. And because it wasn't as popular as, for example, the Commodore C64; today there are not as many fan-sites and archives for the Amstrad CPC as for other systems.

This site will be growing with time and I don't think it will ever be complete. It should be an archive of almost all games with lots of descriptions, details and resources.

The Site is primary for games, but I set also other types of CPC-Software like tools and public domain.

So if you browse this archive and know something about games which is not included here, have a box or screenshot of games, please feel free to upload some materials with one of the two links on the game-sites. I'll check and approve them soon.

And now have fun!

06.11.2018: Even in these days, new games for the good old Amstrad CPC will be released and more old games was added... :-)
15.09.2016: The category Public Domain is no longer available. Also for a lot of games the covers are missing. If you have some, please send them to me :)
20.02.2016: More than 3.000 games and compilations are now in the database. The category public domain will be deleted soon. There are a lot of cover and shots missing. Help to save them for the future! In the details of games, there will now displayed in which compilations they are.
18.11.2015: A few new features: Games can now have a second title. There are now two top-3-lists on the main-page and a link to larger lists. And a few optical changes.


In the database:
  • 3112 titles
  • 3197 covers
  • 9126 screenshots

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