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Alien Break-In box cover Alien Break-In
A.K.A. Les Envahisseurs De L'Au Dela
Shoot 'em up 1985 Amsoft
AmsGolf box cover AmsGolf
Sport 1984 Amsoft
Campeones box cover Campeones
A.K.A. Campeones Del Mundo De Rallyes
Racing 1985 Indescomp
Flight Path 737 box cover Flight Path 737
Simulation 1984 Anirog
House of Usher box cover House of Usher
Adventure 1984 Anirog
Roland in the Caves box cover Roland in the Caves
A.K.A. La Pulga, Roland Alascaux, Bugaboo, Roland In Den Hohlen, Roland 2
Arcade 1984 Amsoft
Roland on the Ropes box cover Roland on the Ropes
A.K.A. Fred, Roland Aux Oubliettes, Roland Am Seil
Arcade 1984 Amsoft
Slapshot Hockey box cover Slapshot Hockey
Sport 1985 Amsoft
Super Tripper box cover Super Tripper
A.K.A. Supertripper
Arcade 1985 Indescomp
The Galactic Plague box cover The Galactic Plague
A.K.A. La Plaga Galactica, La Peste Interstellaire
Shoot 'em up 1984 Amsoft
The Polluting Bacteria box cover The Polluting Bacteria
A.K.A. Fumigator
Arcade 1985 Indescomp
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