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T-Bird box cover T-Bird
Shoot 'em up 1989 Mastertronic
Table Football - Baby Foot box cover Table Football - Baby Foot
A.K.A. Soccer
Sport 1986 Alligata
Tai-Pan box cover Tai-Pan
Arcade 1987 Ocean Software
Tales of the Arabian Nights box cover Tales of the Arabian Nights
Arcade 1985 Interceptor Software
Tanium box cover Tanium
Shoot 'em up 1988 Players Software
Tank box cover Tank
Action 1987 Ocean Software
Tank Attack box cover Tank Attack
Strategy 1989 CDS Software
Tank Busters box cover Tank Busters
A.K.A. Battle-Tank Simulator
Simulation 1985 Design Design
Tank Commander box cover Tank Commander
A.K.A. Tank Command
Simulation 1986 Amsoft
Tapper box cover Tapper
Arcade 1986 Bally Midway
Target Plus box cover Target Plus
Shoot 'em up 1988 Dinamic
Target: Renegade box cover Target: Renegade
Fight 1988 Imagine Software
Targhan box cover Targhan
Action 1990 Silmarils Software
Tarzan box cover Tarzan
Arcade 1986 Martech
Task Force box cover Task Force
A.K.A. Taskforce
Shoot 'em up 1989 Players Software
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