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Hacker box cover Hacker
Strategy 1985 Activision
Hacker II: The Doomsday Papers box cover Hacker II: The Doomsday Papers
Strategy 1986 Activision
Hair Boy box cover Hair Boy
Arcade 2016 Matra Computer Automations
Halls Of Gold box cover Halls Of Gold
A.K.A. Les Mines Du Roi Aquantus
Puzzle 1986 Rainbow Arts
Halls of the Things box cover Halls of the Things
Arcade 1985 Design Design
Hammer Boy box cover Hammer Boy
Arcade 1991 Dinamic
Hammerfist box cover Hammerfist
Adventure 1990 System 3 Software
Hammerhead box cover Hammerhead
A.K.A. Hammer-Head
Fight 1992 Zigurat Software
Hamsters en Folie box cover Hamsters en Folie
Management 1989 Generation 5
Han D'Islande box cover Han D'Islande
Adventure 1988 Loriciels
Handicap Golf box cover Handicap Golf
Sport 1985 CRL Group
Hard Drivin' box cover Hard Drivin'
Racing 1989 Domark
Hard Hat Mack box cover Hard Hat Mack
Arcade 1985 Electronic Arts
Hardball box cover Hardball
A.K.A. Hard Ball
Sport 1986 Accolade Software
Hareraiser box cover Hareraiser
Adventure 1984 Haresoft
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