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Bivouac box cover Bivouac
A.K.A. Chamonix Challenge
1987 Infogrames
Bob Morane - Chevalerie box cover Bob Morane - Chevalerie
A.K.A. Lee Enfield - The Tournament Of Death, Bob Morane - Caballeria, Tournament Of Death
Fight 1987 Infogrames
Bob Morane - Jungle box cover Bob Morane - Jungle
A.K.A. Lee Enfield - An Amazon Adventure, Bob Morane - Jungla
Fight 1987 Infogrames
Bob Morane - Ocean box cover Bob Morane - Ocean
Arcade 1988 Infogrames
Bob Morane - Science Fiction box cover
Bob Morane - Science Fiction
A.K.A. Lee Enfield - Space Ace, Bob Morane - Espacio
Shoot 'em up 1987 Infogrames
Bobo box cover
A.K.A. Stir Crazy Featuring Bobo
Arcade 1988 Infogrames
Bubble Ghost box cover
Bubble Ghost
Arcade 1988 Infogrames
Captain Blood box cover Captain Blood
Simulation 1988 Infogrames
Championship Waterskiing box cover
Championship Waterskiing
A.K.A. Patrice Martin, Championship Waterskiing, Championship Water-Ski Challenge
Sport 1987 Infogrames
Clever & Smart box cover Clever & Smart
A.K.A. Mortadelo y Filemon
Arcade 1987 Infogrames
Get Dexter 2 box cover
Get Dexter 2
A.K.A. L'Ange De Cristal, Crafton Et Xunk 2, El Angel De Cristal
Adventure 1988 Infogrames
Hostages box cover
Strategy 1990 Infogrames
Iznogoud box cover Iznogoud
Arcade 1987 Infogrames
L'Affaire Santa Fe box cover
L'Affaire Santa Fe
Adventure 1988 Infogrames
La Geste d'Artillac box cover
La Geste d'Artillac
Adventure 1986 Infogrames
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