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11 A Side Soccer box cover 11 A Side Soccer
Sport 1989 Codemasters
3D Pool box cover 3D Pool
Sport 1989 Firebird Software
4 Soccer Simulators box cover 4 Soccer Simulators
Simulation 1989 Codemasters
750cc Grand Prix box cover 750cc Grand Prix
Racing 1989 Codemasters
Aaargh! box cover Aaargh!
Arcade 1989 Virgin Games
Acolyte box cover Acolyte
Arcade 1989 Clockwize Software
Action Fighter box cover Action Fighter
Racing 1989 Firebird Software
After the War box cover After the War
Action 1989 Dinamic
Alphakhor box cover Alphakhor
Adventure 1989 Loriciels
Altered Beast box cover Altered Beast
Fight 1989 Activision
AMC box cover AMC
A.K.A. Astro Marine Corps
Action 1989 Dinamic
American Turbo King box cover American Turbo King
Racing 1989 Mastertronic
APB box cover APB
A.K.A. All Points Bulletin
Racing 1989 Domark
Arcade Flight Simulator box cover Arcade Flight Simulator
Shoot 'em up 1989 Codemasters
Arcade Fruit Machine box cover Arcade Fruit Machine
Puzzle 1989 Zeppelin Games
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