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1000 Bornes box cover 1000 Bornes
Puzzle 1985 Novtech
Amstrad Shuffle Card Game box cover Amstrad Shuffle Card Game
Puzzle 1986 Alpha Omega Software
Anarchy box cover Anarchy
Puzzle 1988 Hewson Consultants
Aquad box cover Aquad
Puzzle 1985 Norsoft
Arcade Fruit Machine box cover Arcade Fruit Machine
Puzzle 1989 Zeppelin Games
Astro Attack box cover Astro Attack
A.K.A. Attaque Astrale
Puzzle 1984 Amsoft
Atom Smasher box cover Atom Smasher
A.K.A. Briseur D'Atomes
Puzzle 1984 Amsoft
Atomik box cover Atomik
Puzzle 1988 FIL Software
Balls box cover Balls
Puzzle 2017 CPCretrodev.byterealms
BCM The Code Searcher box cover BCM The Code Searcher
A.K.A. BCM El Buscador De Codigo
Puzzle 2007 ESPBasic
BeTiled! box cover BeTiled!
Puzzle 2009 CEZ Games Studio
Booly box cover Booly
Puzzle 1991 Loriciels
Boulder Dash Construction Kit box cover Boulder Dash Construction Kit
Puzzle 1986 First Star
Brainstorm box cover Brainstorm
Puzzle 1987 Firebird Software
Builderland box cover Builderland
Puzzle 1991 Loriciels
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