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Beverly Hills Cop box cover Beverly Hills Cop
Action 1990 Tynesoft
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show box cover Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
Arcade 1989 Tynesoft
Circus Games box cover Circus Games
Arcade 1989 Tynesoft
Commonwealth Games box cover Commonwealth Games
A.K.A. European Games
Sport 1986 Tynesoft
Dive-Dive-Dive box cover Dive-Dive-Dive
Shoot 'em up 1987 Tynesoft
Future Shock box cover Future Shock
Arcade 1987 Tynesoft
Ground Zero box cover Ground Zero
Arcade 1986 Tynesoft
Ian Botham's Test Match box cover Ian Botham's Test Match
Sport 1985 Tynesoft
Munch-It box cover Munch-It
A.K.A. Pillenschlucken
Arcade 1985 Tynesoft
Rig Attack box cover Rig Attack
Shoot 'em up 1985 Tynesoft
Star Ranger box cover Star Ranger
Shoot 'em up 1986 Tynesoft
Superman: The Man of Steel box cover Superman: The Man of Steel
A.K.A. Superman - The Man Of Steel, Superman M.O.S., Superman, El Hombre De Acero
Action 1989 Tynesoft
The Custard Pie Factory box cover The Custard Pie Factory
Arcade 1985 Tynesoft
Winter Olympics box cover Winter Olympics
Sport 1986 Tynesoft
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