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3D Starfighter box cover 3D Starfighter
Shoot 'em up 1987 Codemasters
Advanced Pinball Simulator box cover Advanced Pinball Simulator
Arcade 1988 Codemasters
After Burner box cover
After Burner
Shoot 'em up 1988 Sega
Brainache box cover
Arcade 1987 Codemasters
Championship Jetski Simulator box cover
Championship Jetski Simulator
Sport 1989 Codemasters
Dizzy ! - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure box cover
Dizzy ! - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure
A.K.A. Dizzy ! - Amstrad Action Special Edtion
Arcade 1987 Codemasters
Freedom Fighter box cover Freedom Fighter
Shoot 'em up 1988 Power House Software
Fruit Machine Simulator box cover
Fruit Machine Simulator
Puzzle 1988 Codemasters
Grand Prix Simulator box cover Grand Prix Simulator
Racing 1987 Codemasters
Jet Bike Simulator box cover
Jet Bike Simulator
Racing 1988 Codemasters
Knightmare box cover Knightmare
Adventure 1987 Activision
Nuclear Heist box cover
Nuclear Heist
Shoot 'em up 1986 Players Software
Professional Ski Simulator box cover
Professional Ski Simulator
Sport 1987 Codemasters
Super Robin Hood box cover
Super Robin Hood
Arcade 1985 Codemasters
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