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1st Division Manager box cover 1st Division Manager
Management 1992 Codemasters
Action Service box cover Action Service
Management 1988 Cobra Soft
Cap Horn box cover Cap Horn
Management 1985 Coktel Vision
Endzone box cover Endzone
Management 1988 Alternative Software
Garden Party box cover Garden Party
Management 1987 Free Game Blot
Grid Iron - Touchdown USA box cover Grid Iron - Touchdown USA
Management 1985 Alternative Software
Grid Iron II box cover Grid Iron II
A.K.A. Grid Iron 2
Management 1989 Alternative Software
Hamsters en Folie box cover Hamsters en Folie
Management 1989 Generation 5
Hijack box cover Hijack
Management 1986 Activision
Jimmy Business box cover Jimmy Business
Management 1985 Excellence Software
Le Millionnaire box cover Le Millionnaire
Management 1985 ERE Informatique
Macrocosmica box cover Macrocosmica
A.K.A. Space Trader, Interplanetary Trader
Management 1986 Amsoft
Manager box cover Manager
Management 1985 ERE Informatique
President box cover President
Management 1987 Addictive Software
Rock Star Ate My Hamster box cover Rock Star Ate My Hamster
Management 1989 Codemasters
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