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1st Division Manager box cover 1st Division Manager
Management 1992 Codemasters
American Tag Team Wrestling box cover American Tag Team Wrestling
Fight 1992 Zeppelin Games
Baby Jo - Going Home box cover Baby Jo - Going Home
Arcade 1992 Loriciels
Bangers and Mash box cover Bangers and Mash
Arcade 1992 Alternative Software
Biff box cover Biff
Arcade 1992 Beyond Belief Software
Bonanza Bros. box cover Bonanza Bros.
Arcade 1992 U.S. Gold
Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy box cover Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy
Arcade 1992 Loriciels
Bunny Bricks box cover Bunny Bricks
Breakout 1992 Silmarils Software
Captain Dynamo box cover Captain Dynamo
Arcade 1992 Codemasters
Challenge Foot - Senior box cover Challenge Foot - Senior
Sport 1992 Generation 5
Chichen Itza box cover Chichen Itza
Adventure 1992 Dinamic
Count Duckula 2 Featuring Tremendous Terence box cover Count Duckula 2 Featuring Tremendous Terence
A.K.A. Count Duckula II
Arcade 1992 Alternative Software
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy box cover Crystal Kingdom Dizzy
Adventure 1992 Codemasters
D-Day box cover D-Day
A.K.A. D. Day
Strategy 1992 Loriciels
Dalek Attack box cover Dalek Attack
Arcade 1992 Admiral Software
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